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semi-permanent brows (tattoOing)

Brow consultation

Before we begin your eyebrow transformation, I will provide a complimentary assessment of your skin and existing brows. This will allow me to optimise your brow shape and tint according to your preferences.

Feather stroke microblading 

A delicate and precise technique. Fine hair-like strokes are embedded into the skin leaving a realistic natural hair look. Additional colour can be added after 4-6 weeks to enhance colour of the brows.

Powder brows (ombre)

A specialised method using a digital tattoo machine. Results in a fuller brow with a soft texture. This technique simulates the appearance of brow makeup solutions like brow pencils and brow shadows.

Combination 3D brows

Combination brows involve a mix of both powder (ombre) brows and feather stroke micro-blading. It results in a clean, symmetrical and natural set of eyebrows that are shaped and tinted according to your desire. Long lasting beauty!

Touch up (4-6 week and 1 yr)

Semi-permanent brows are extremely low maintenance... Most clients require an initial touch up after 4-6 weeks because pigment can fade up to 30%. The next touch up is usually a year later, however some clients may want this sooner.

Natural brows & lashes 

Brow tinting

Brow shaping threading

When it comes to brow sculpting or shaping, I use a custom mix of threading, tweezing and trimming which also helps me create the best canvas for my brow tattooing. 

Eyelash tinting

Eye LINeR 

Eyeliner tattooing

A very specialised form of cosmetic tattooing that contrasts eye colour to create a younger fresher look by simulating use of eyeliner. It can also makes lashes look thicker and fuller.

  1. Upper eyeliner

  2. Lower eyeliner

  3. Both

brow tattoo correction 

Brow tattoo correction 

I specialise in the correction of old brow tattoos. Using a world leading tattoo solution called Revivink by 6thSense alongside both microblading and powder brow techniques, I am able to correct bad permanent makeup. This will help restore your face and appearance by helping you regain confidence.

Brow tattoo removal (NO LASER!)

I perform tattoo removal with a unique product called Revivink. It’s made in Russia and progressively lightens pigment as it sits in the skin. It removes all colours and types of pigment including the most stubborn -  titanium dioxide. I can do the gentle quick half an hour removals on eyebrows, eyeliners and lips using this magical product #revivink.

Before & After transformations

Background for about me

about me.

Brow Guru Adelaide Stunning Eyebrows



Hi there. Welcome to Brow Guru Adelaide!

My name is Rachna Sen. I’m an Adelaide-based mum, author and brow artist with a studio in Beaumont (5066). I have mastered the art of eyebrow shaping, threading and tattooing over the last 23 years. From humble beginnings at a small studio in Norwood and being a brow specialist for Estee Lauder in Myer, I have always strived to deliver a bespoke brow service which set me apart within the Adelaide Beauty industry. In fact, years ago when a colleague at Estee Lauder introduced me as the Brow Guru, the name just stuck. 

I am passionate about helping people look and feel their best, physically and emotionally. I truly believe that your brows frame your face and help enhance beauty, boost confidence and accentuate personality.

My experience as a brow artist spans 23 years which has helped me develop an intuition when creating the perfect set of brows. I have been shaping for 23 years, threading for 14.5 years, and eyebrow tattooing for close to 10 years. As of recently, I have also become a distributor for a range of Russian permanent make-up pigments called 6thSense.


My Happy clients

Eye Brow tattooing (Microblading + Powder/ombre)

Eyebrow tattoo correction

Eyebrow tattoo removal

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Eyeliner tattoo