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another shot of my eyebrows, eyebrow shaping by yours truly
Brow powder
(as opposed to brow pencil ?)

 After shape its colour that gets the focus. For that, brow powder is new and exciting in Adelaide as it brings you closer to your best brows even if they are not in their best state now. Brow powder looks softer than pencil and no matter what the concern is 
* not enough hair
* patchy growth 
* hacked eyebrows 
* pale hair 
I have some very exciting brow powders to show you to improve the look of your eyebrows, to make life so much easier for you. Just ten seconds of your time every morning and you wear striking brows that frame your face and stand out. Yes, it is possible. 
 Of course brow make up enhances the look of brows that have a teeny weeny hole(s) from  abuse(sigh) in the past, they are an excellent way to cover a faded/discoloured brow tattoo or to create a brow when most hair is lost.
Make an appointment to get a free application of brow powder, it takes a few seconds and can change the way the world looks at your face.
I can show you seven colours that suit most brows I come across.
There is nothing more uplifting than make up, what better than specialised make up for brows that has a great price.
Check out the newest make up to transform your looks - Brow Powder.