brow guru -    rachna subir sen

 Eyebrow Tattoos
before cosmetic brow tattoos

Here's some before and after pictures to show you what cannot be expressed in words. 

I do shaded eyebrow tattoos with and have been doing that now for six and a half years in Adelaide. 

Brow tattoos are terrific for people who have lost eyebrows due to various reasons - alopecia/hacking by years of waxing or tweezing;      or just have sparse brows or a bad shape have a fantastic option - to get tattoos with the best machine on this planet to make such tattoos.

Due to my experience with eyebrow shaping for nearly 16 years, I have a great instinct with shape and know how to keep them the right colour, closest to natural colouring.
The first step can be a free consultation with a simulation of the shape and looking at colour options. Just FYI the tattoos in these pics are fresh and they fade at least 25% in one month and can last from 6 months to 3 years depending on various factors. 

Just send me a text : 0401278528 Brow Guru