brow guru -    rachna subir sen
a photo taken by embrace photography's pic guru Fiona Whyte, she is a big fan of my brow powder
" She is truly a brow artist,
 this chica". Fiona Whyte, Photographer(image on left)
“She is the only person I will allow
near my brows because noone can do brows better than her. ”
Mahak Tehrani, make up artist
the night I showcased eyebrow threading to people at the Museum“She is an amazing brow artist, she works her magic on my brows every single time. ” Humna Mustafa, Henna Artist/Diya Studio
"I've finally met someone who understands how much eyebrows can make (or break) a face. I'm obsessive about eyebrows and Rachna is simply the best." Monique Bowley, Producer, 5AA.   
"I have tried threaders all over including London and Dubai but you do the best job ever." Laura Bowden, School Teacher. 
"I over-plucked and had some bad waxing but Rachna has made my brows look beautiful, truly a Brow Guru." Anna Vlach, Fashion Editor, The Advertiser
"Rachna is simply fantastic. I had never been happy with my brows and she has changed my perspective." Dr Cynthia Papendick.
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