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Brow Tattoos Adelaide
Brow Guru got many hooked onto threading
Tread with care when its eyebrow shaping time


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eyebrow tattoos Adelaide
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Brow Tattoos Adelaide

Brow tattooing is tricky business (that's the name of the new TV show too!!). Lucky I have a great instinct to create the best brows for you with my sketching skills I have had since I was a kid and on top of that I used to force every willing victim in the vicinity to become a motionless make up subject. I have been shaping them as a part of work for the last 14 years anyway so these eyes have seen so many brows and helped so many people. 

Because tattooing brows start with simulating them with make up, if that is done well, half the job is done.

Brow Guru got many hooked onto threading

Shaping brows can be about a quick visit to someone new at the same old place with a little pot of wax, or a new person at a new place with a pot of wax. Why all the brouhaha over threading and my sculpting skills?

It's simple, eyebrow shaping or sculpting is not just about cleaning the area of excessive hair, its about making sure the shape and the colour looks the best it can, helping you to grow them so they remain or move towards being your best brows and not having to worry if the service would be consistent.

Tread with care when its eyebrow shaping time

Eyebrow shaping:

Your eyebrows are your most indispensable accessory. Dont gamble with them, I have done sculpting for people who had one bad job and carry bald spots. Ignoring your eyebrows is a better idea than attacking them or letting someone you dont know hack them, because most damage may be reversible but some of it might not be. 

There is nothing wrong with wearing more than you need in terms of brow hair, just dont allow them to be damaged randomly, especially if you have sparse hair but in general.